If you ask most drivers what a CVT is, it’s almost guaranteed that most of them would have no idea what you are referring to. A CVT, or continuously variable transmission, is a different type of transmission in the way it doesn’t lock into a series of forced gears and shifts, but continuously changes gear based on speed. Though this type of transmission has been around for a while, it didn’t gain popularity until the 1980s in the Subaru brand. Now you’d be hard-pressed to find a single vehicle manufacturer without at least one CVT in its fleet. If you drive a CVT-equipped vehicle, the only choice for service or CVT repair in Arlington, TX, is North Texas Transmission.

Why Choose A CVT?

CVTs work with pulleys and chain belts that allow gears to switch more seamlessly than a standard automatic or manual, fixed gear system. These transmissions not only provide better acceleration and handling of your vehicle, but they also boost fuel economy and the overall power of the car. Used most effectively in Nissan and Subaru vehicles, the CVT is quickly becoming a new benchmark in the auto industry, and offer few drawbacks.

CVT Repair Arlington TX

Finding an auto repair shop that is qualified to work on, rebuild, replace a standard transmission can be difficult enough, but locating one that has the expertise necessary to work on a continuously variable transmission can be a living nightmare. Precious few auto repair mechanics have the training and experience to be adequate at CVT repair, but in Arlington, TX, the pros to know are the experts at North Texas Transmission. We have been working on and repairing CVTs for more than three generations, and you would be hard-pressed to find a team in Texas that does it better than we do. These transmissions come with the weight of having to find an auto repair shop qualified to work on them, but you found that shop in North Texas Transmission.

CVT Repair Near Me

If you own a vehicle equipped with a CVT, you not only enjoy increased fuel economy and power in your car, you probably worry about what you’ll do if it ever gives you trouble. The dealership charges exorbitant prices, and most independent shops can’t or won’t work on CVTs. That is where North Texas Transmission comes in. Our team has decades of experience with CVT repair in Arlington, TX, and can get your CVT serviced or repaired in a jiffy. If you drive a CVT, make an appointment with us today!

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