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transmission service

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the transmission is the most complex and intricate part of your car. Weighing in at over 800 individual parts, the transmission is chiefly tasked with shifting gears as you gain and lose speed while you drive. Manual or automatic, keeping your transmission in excellent health is one of the best ways to keep your car running for years and miles to come. So when it is time for transmission service in Arlington, TX, get your car – and it’s transmission – into the bays at North Texas Transmission.

Why Service Your Transmission?

At North Texas Transmission in Arlington, TX, we understand that today’s vehicles are constructed with transmissions and related components that are built to last the test of time. With that being said, sticking with your vehicle’s recommended transmission services is always a good idea. While these services are usually a part of your 30/60/90k milestone checkups, transmission flushes and interim service is never a bad idea. And at North Texas Transmission, we can handle both!

Transmission Service Arlington TX

While this can mean a lot of things, the most common transmission service we perform is the transmission flush. This is the process of completely removing and replacing the transmission fluid in your vehicle, which can greatly extend the life of even perfectly healthy transmissions. We recommend this service be completed about once every two years, or about every 30,000 miles, to greatly extend the life of your vehicle’s transmission. We can also perform transmission spot-checks, where we inspect your transmission for existing problems or weaknesses that may become problems down the line. If you want to make sure your transmission is healthy through the life of your vehicle, North Texas Transmission wants to partner with you on making sure that happens.

Transmission Service Near Me

No matter whether you drive a manual or an automatic transmission, or whether you want a transmission flush or simply a transmission service, the team of experts at North Texas Transmission is here to help – and has been for three generations. Our team can perform any transmission service in Arlington, TX, that your vehicle might needs, and we will get it done more quickly and more affordably than any other all-around general auto repair shop in the area. If your transmission needs service, why not trust it to the team that only works on transmissions – the team at North Texas Transmission? You’ll be glad you did. Make an appointment.

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