Four Signs of Transmission Fluid Trouble

Transmission fluid quietly does its job, until it doesn’t. And when you start to realize that there’s something going on with your transmission fluid, you need to get that evaluated right away. Here’s what North Texas Transmission wants you to know.

You’ve Spotted a Transmission Fluid Leak

In a perfect world, you’re not going to see transmission fluid much. It’s a fluid that you really don’t have to mess with and it should be sealed into the transmission, doing its job. So if you are seeing transmission fluid under the car, that’s not great news. It means that something is wrong somewhere and it needs to be investigated.

The Transmission Fluid Looks Black or Pink

The color of the transmission fluid, if you’re seeing any at all, can tell you a lot. Brand-new transmission fluid is see-through and it’s red in color. As it ages, transmission fluid gradually gets browner and more opaque. If the transmission fluid you’re seeing is black, that means it’s getting toward the very end of its lifespan and needs to be changed. If you’re seeing pink transmission fluid, that’s even worse because it means that there’s water in with the transmission fluid.

The Transmission Itself Isn’t Working Well

Are you noticing other problems with the transmission? You might feel it hesitating or doing other things, like jerking or making sounds, like grinding noises or clunking sounds. This is a surefire sign that you need to bring your car in to have the transmission looked at, but the problem could be as simple as something happening with the transmission fluid.

You’re Seeing the Check Engine Light

When there’s something seriously wrong with the transmission, your car will likely let you know with the check engine light. That might not make much sense, but keep in mind that the engine and the transmission work together to make your car go. If the transmission is having issues, that will affect the engine eventually. The bottom line is that any time you see the check engine light, there’s a problem.

Don’t wait if you suspect that you’re having some sort of issue with your transmission or the transmission fluid. Call us today at North Texas Transmission in Arlington, TX. We’ll diagnose the issue for you thoroughly and make sure that we’ve covered all the bases. From there, we’ll let you know what the plan is to get your car back on the road safely.

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